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art critic, curator

At our vernissage “Female empowerment” Kateryna Goncharova presented her work “The Four Ages of a Woman”.

Looking at the work of Kateryna, the deep psychology and realism of the work immediately catch the eye, which is the result of her thoughtful observation as an artist. The pose, the position of the hands, and the look of each figure are thought out and worked out with particular scrupulousness, not a single feature is missed, and all the nuances of the mood and state of each character are conveyed. Such soulful works are obtained when the artist has a deep level of empathy for the world and for the people who are invited as models.

I would call it a particularly interesting artistic technique that in this picture all the women are dressed in red clothes. The red color is associated with the power of life, blood, passion, struggle, warmth, and everything that a woman carries in her heart from generation to generation. In this picture, there is a secret and a hidden symbolic mystery of being a woman.

The face of each character and their hands are worked out with photographic accuracy, and the high level of the academic school of painting is visible.

Kateryna is a master of light and chiaroscuro - her work is saturated with the sun and sparkling air.

Bright daylight, as it were, illuminates even the farthest corner of the soul of every woman, makes her defenseless before the eyes of the viewer, but at the same time creates a feeling of closeness and kinship, invites to acceptance and understanding.

What impresses me the most about this work is that, despite the laconic palette and single dominant color, this work does not seem flat and has amazing depth. This is a very modern and relevant work in its semantic content. This is a picture of the life of a woman, about her usual role in traditional society, her dreams, hopes, and opportunities about how the life of most women on the planet goes, what paths are available to them, and what they can choose in this life.



art critic, artist

I had the pleasure of collaborating with Kateryna Goncharova in 2018 as part of the "People of the World" art project dedicated to diversity art. I was very impressed by her work, and the thoughtful care and love with which she approaches the creation of each image. In her painting, the subtlety of the artist's vision, the accuracy of the architect, the empathy of the ethnographer, and the analyticity of the philosopher are combined.

One can enter into Kateryna's works as if through an open door - the images she created are so realistic and vital that one wants to communicate with them directly by stepping into her painting.

Most of all, in Kateryna's works, I was struck by the light of love with which each character is saturated and each personage is worked out! I am impressed by her emotionality as an artist - she is in love with every figure she creates, is involved in the fate of her image, empathizes with him, and knows how to feel and convey the mood well. Such works always seem alive and filled with energy, attracting the eye and making you stop to touch this mystery of creation.

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