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Original painting. Date of creation: 2023

The continuous interplay of masculine and feminine energies is considered to be the primary force responsible for the origin of all living organisms. This notion has its roots deeply embedded in archetypal tales and symbols present in different spiritual and religious beliefs such as shamanism, animism, biblical narratives, and the customs of Mesoamerican and African societies. These varied viewpoints present a plethora of perspectives to contemplate, and we urge you to delve into these ideas to uncover the enigmas of the universe.


Archaic Dance

  • 🔸️mixed media on canvas
    🔹️actual image size: 210×158 cm (82,6×62,2 in)
    🔸️signed on the back
    🔹covered with acrylic-styrene art varnish, resistant to fading and easy to clean
    🔸shipped carefully packed in a box with all necessary paperwork
    🔹the process of packaging and shipping is recorded on video and sent to the buyer

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