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Original painting. Date of creation: 2023

This artwork delves into the intricate interplay between masculine and feminine energies, which are represented by the red horse symbolizing Yang energy, traditionally associated with masculinity in Chinese culture. The artwork seeks to emphasize the profound significance of their union, as the combination of the horse's seed and Ishtar's milk gives rise to the vital pulse of life. This convergence not only creates biological existence but also generates the very movement of energy, as depicted by the three DNA spirals emanating from the heart.

The presence of a snake within the artwork serves as a symbol of duality, as it can only move by twisting in opposite directions. Furthermore, it alludes to the biblical narrative of Adam and Eve, where female energy is portrayed as the catalyst for creation and all subsequent events. In this story, she embodies both the tree of life and the tree of knowledge, bearing the fruit that sustains the serpent's existence. With her primal nature, she stimulates the male energy (represented by the horse) to ejaculation, initiating the movement and existence of our world. It is through their harmonious union that a balanced and harmonious cosmos is forged.

Additionally, the figure seated on the horse's tail is a Japanese Dogu figure, which symbolizes humanity's innate yearning for the mystical and otherworldly, encompassing religiosity itself. This representation acknowledges the inherent human inclination towards myth-making, as religions often emerge from our deep-rooted desire to explore the unknown and seek spiritual enlightenment.

Black Ishtar On A Red Stallion

  • 🔸mixed media on canvas

    🔹actual image size: 210×158 cm (82,6×62,2 in)

    🔸signed on the back

    🔹covered with acrylic-styrene art varnish, resistant to fading and easy to clean

    🔸shipped carefully packed in a roll with all necessary paperwork

    🔹the process of packaging and shipping is recorded on video and sent to the buyer

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