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Original painting. Date of creation: 2023

This painting in blue and gold depicts a girl in a сocktail dress riding forward on her motorcycle. Flowers and birds pour out of the exhaust pipe. The girl herself is surrounded by butterflies. It seems that no matter what the girl touches, it begins to bloom and light up with the sun. She is a real Lady Summer that travels the planet, bringing warmth and flowering wherever she goes! 

My Kyiv acquaintance Mary acted as a model for the picture - her curly hair immediately reminded me of a halo, and she herself was so bright, self-confident and cheerful that it was only a matter of time to be captured with paints on canvas, and even in a bright and confident way.

For me, this picture represents pure happiness, which I want to share with others and light up this world, despite the circumstances!

Lady Summer

  • 🔸️mixed media on canvas (base is oil)
    🔹️actual image size: 90×90 cm (35,4×35,4 in)
    🔸️framed: 103×103 cm (40,5×40,5 in)
    🔹ready to hang
    🔸signed on the back
    🔹covered with acrylic-styrene art varnish, resistant to fading and easy to clean
    🔸shipped carefully packed in a box with all necessary paperwork
    🔹the process of packaging and shipping is recorded on video and sent to the buyer

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