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Original painting. Date of creation: 2023

⭐Currently exhibiting in the exposition of the Gallery of Nikolay Nikoghosyan, located in the city of Yerevan, Armenia

The painting depicts a beautiful independent girl with long hair against a bright background, who holds a smoking cigarette in her hand. It seems like this girl looks straight into your soul... She is clever, ironic, confident, and beautiful, she sees right through you, but she likes you exactly the way you are! She understands everything but does not condemn, it because she contains all the multidimensionality of human nature. And in her gaze and posture, there is friendly support and acceptance, but at the same time, you feel her clearly defined internal boundaries. The surrounding yellow background symbolizes the energy that she radiates, and with which she can fill those who understand the essence of a woman.

Summer Smoke

  • 🔸mixed media on canvas (base is oil)
    🔹actual image size: 60×70 cm (23,6×27,5 in)
    🔸framed: 68,5×78,5 cm (27×30,9 in.)
    🔹ready to hang
    🔸signed on the back
    🔹coated with acrylic styrene art varnish
    🔸fade resistant and easy to care for
    🔹shipped carefully packed in a box with all required documents attached

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