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Original painting. Date of creation: 2022

This image originated from a horrifying reality. War is akin to an unstoppable force, a presence that approaches like an element, silent and unfeeling. It is indescribable, instilling both fear and awe, much like Kierkegaard's philosophy. It cannot be avoided; one must confront it head-on, just as a gopher faces a snake, staring into its eyes that reflect a myriad of emotions: pain, anger, fear, strength, despair, hope, courage, obsession, sacrifice, love, death, and the thirst for life. These eyes encompass everything that individuals experience, as everyone has their own breaking point, their own personal hell, sometimes without the assurance of an escape.

The halo surrounding the ghostly figure of war does not signify its sanctity, but rather its existence outside the laws of this world, adhering to the rules of another supernatural realm. The ghost appears to emerge from a silver door, detached from both time and space, passing us by to transform us and present a daunting challenge that we must accept, endure, respond to, and ultimately change due to these hardships. Within its core lies an abyss, but also infinity!

With a single sweep of its black wings, war can extinguish thousands of lives and rob millions of their sense of security. This is symbolized by the extinguished candles. These young lives would still burn brightly if it were not for war. These candles represent the points of pain in my artwork and are as prickly to the touch as the harsh reality faced by those who have lost loved ones.

No one knows when death will come for them, whether day or night, abruptly severing the golden thread of life with its cruel grip. And atop death's head rests a golden apple of discord, reminiscent of Greek mythology and the cause of the Trojan War. One nation could not bear the thought that another might be superior in beauty, love, and humanity. 

The small red dragon, symbolizing the Kremlin and its "master," embodies evil. This serpent clutches a golden branch, signifying its intention to eliminate anyone who stands in its way. This is how empires operate—they exterminate peoples and seize their lands.

Within the darkness of war lies a soul that is orphaned and widowed. It is shrouded in black, yet it remains alive. The soul also holds a golden twig, for it understands the secret of life— that it cannot be destroyed—and senses the infinite nature of existence. War has imprisoned life, but the soul can find the key to unlock itself from captivity.

The depiction of an angel's head adorned with a golden wreath personifies the three virtues: Hope, Faith, and Love. These virtues are always by our side, aiding us in traversing the path of trials, supporting us and preventing us from losing our humanity. In the midst of fire and bloodshed, it is easy to lose sight of our humanity. However, when that occurs, everything loses meaning, and the most distressing aspect is that individuals may not even realize when they cease to be human. War exposes the darkness within each of us, summoning it from the depths of our unconsciousness and revealing something terrible that we were unaware of. It is akin to opening a door between humanity and inhumanity, leaving us horrified by what we witness, stunned by the true nature of our being. Only love and compassion provide us with the strength to avoid plunging into the abyss of our monstrous, thoughtless, and pathological aggression.

The Ghost Of War (Thanatos)

  • 🔸mixed media on canvas
    🔹actual image size: 80×120 cm (31×47,2 in)
    🔸framed: 93,5×135,5 cm (36,8×53,3 in)
    🔹ready to hang
    🔸signed on the back
    🔹covered with acrylic-styrene art varnish, resistant to fading and easy to clean
    🔸shipped carefully packed in a box with all necessary paperwork
    🔹the process of packaging and shipping is recorded on video and sent to the buyer

  • 🔸 Golden Time Talent 34 Season Arts and Crafts Category Awardee

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