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Original painting. Date of creation: 2023

The painting depicts a woman in pink lingerie in the middle of a red room. Behind her is a light. There are many images around her, such as an octopus, a shrimp, a mandrake and a wolf skull. The bird hands her a red apple. Woman is surrounded by collective images of her most intimate fantasies, which she often hides because she finds them somehow shameful. Often our true, honest and undisguised eroticism lives only in our thoughts and is suppressed as something unacceptable. But it is this erotica that gives us vital energy. What allows us to create and receive the fruits of this creativity. Erotica and creativity are inseparable.
All our changes start deep within. Who we are, all our desires and aspirations are hidden in the depths of our consciousness. But the subconscious is a completely different world, it has a different architecture and geometry, it is a world of free associations and hidden meanings. From this fantasy world begins our journey into real life. The central female figure is in a kind of secret room, similar to the womb, she is, as it were, inside her blood or her essence. She is both the ancient Eve, who is presented with the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil, and the modern woman, sitting in a comfortable relaxed position. A mandrake root, a symbol of magical consciousness that echoes in the minds of even the most educated women in a long-secularized society, wraps around her forearm. The wolf skull in the foreground is the defeated animal principle inside. The woman has already learned to control her instincts, and now she transforms them to serve her. She translates her sexuality into eroticism, and from it she draws energy for creativity and self-realization. She already understood where her power comes from and how the alchemy of her nature works. She realizes who she is and what she wants, and begins to transform into a completely whole being, free from the conditioning and limitations of the external image. My painting is about the complex and rich journey of a woman in search of herself.

Transformation Roots

  • 🔸oil on canvas
    🔹actual image size: 90×90 cm (35,4×35,4 in)
    🔹ready to hang
    🔸signed on the back
    🔹covered with acrylic-styrene art varnish, resistant to fading and easy to clean
    🔸shipped carefully packed in a tube or box (on request) with all necessary paperwork
    🔹the process of packaging and shipping is recorded on video and sent to the buyer

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