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Original painting. Date of creation: 2022

The painting was created in deep blue and yellow colors, and depicts a man who lights his way with a luminous lamp.

Let me tell you a parable:

“Be a light to yourself. Don't follow others. Become your own light” - these words were spoken by the Buddha Shakyamuni before his departure to Mahaparinirvana. When his beloved disciple Ananda realized their Master was leaving them, he began crying and asked what they should do after the Buddha was gone. And then Siddhartha Gautama spoke these words. This phrase may well serve as a life credo and motivate a person to think more often about where are his desires, and where are imposed from outside. It is very important to understand and feel what you want in this life, which is your own deepest need, and not someone else's manipulation.

The dominant dark blue color is a symbol of knowledge and wisdom. The man here is shown in monochrome, but the light that he can ignite from himself is already bright and colorful and can fill his whole life with colors!

You Should Be Your Own Light (Illumination)

  • 🔸oil on canvas
    🔹actual image size: 60×70 cm (23,6×27,5 in)
    🔸framed: 70×80 cm (27,5×31,4 in)
    🔹ready to hang
    🔸signed on the back
    🔹covered with acrylic-styrene art varnish, resistant to fading and easy to clean
    🔸shipped carefully packed in a box with all necessary paperwork
    🔹the process of packaging and shipping is recorded on video and sent to the buyer

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