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Terms & Conditions

Taxes and Customs Fees

In some cases, buyers will pay taxes and customs fees on the artwork they purchase, depending on their country of residence. It depends on the tax laws of your country.

U.S. Sales Tax
If your artwork is shipping to or within the United States a state sales tax may be added to your total. This is based on your location and local state tax regulations. 

Customs Charges
You may also be responsible for paying any applicable international customs fees, this is determined based on the artist's location and the country the artwork is being shipped to. You may check with your country's customs office for further information about these fees.

Payment Methods

We currently cannot accept payments via PayPal because Armenia was excluded from the list of countries where it is possible to maintain its account. We also experience inconvenience in connection with it because we have accounts both in PayPal and Payoneer, but they are currently out of service on the whole territory of Armenia.

We can thereby provide our buyers with the option of transferring payment for the artwork directly to the bank account of our registered sole proprietorship (VAT and delivery taxes are included).
! Please note that all customs clearance requirements, fees, and additional charges are the responsibility of the buyer.

You can also still transfer funds directly to a credit card (or bank transfer). The money amount will be stored on the card until a week has passed since you received the package. We understand that this payment method is based only on a system of trust and a civilized approach to trading and deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused. We assure our clients that our impeccable reputation is of the utmost importance to us and we have a deep interest in making sure that the transaction goes perfectly, both sides are satisfied and ready for further cooperation.

We also track all fraud schemes on the Internet and other sources and share them with others to protect both ourselves and potential buyers. Since we are represented in social networks, scammers can track down a person who is interested in Kateryna Goncharova's artworks and write to him with offers on our behalf. If you receive such offers from any source, please do not transfer any funds to anyone, and immediately contact us at the corporate email address
Please note that we have only a few official art managers who are authorized to represent Kateryna Goncharova's interests in negotiations between the buyer and the artist and they are ready to provide any documents, and are always in touch, including being ready to communicate by phone or video!

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