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Kateryna Goncharova. Art with feelings and meanings

Kateryna Goncharova is a Ukrainian artist born in the Kherson region, currently residing in Armenia. Her work revolves around important social and philosophical issues such as war, emigration, the role of volunteers, refugee issues, environmental issues, and issues faced by women in a patriarchal society. She also loves creating figurative artworks dedicated to human diversity, inclusivity, and inner strength. Kateryna prefers to create her works in mixed media with oils and acrylics.

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“I find it inspiring when an artist creates a platform for communication, even if the viewer engages in self-reflection by simply observing and reacting to what they see. It fascinates me how artists can act as psychologists, bringing to light what has long been buried in a person's psyche or introducing a problem that forces them to think critically - perhaps for the first time in their lives. This is why I enjoy exploring mythological and biblical themes; they contain a myriad of complex human emotions and experiences. By delving into these themes and uncovering their deep meanings, fears, goals, pains, and unfulfilled desires, we can become more whole as individuals.


I consider my work to be successful when it affects a person from the inside, helps him understand something in himself, and brings to light thoughts and feelings that they may not have been able to express before. In my opinion, the most talented artists create works that resonate with the viewer, exposing their innermost thoughts and feelings, allowing them to release pent-up emotions and find hope in the possibility of returning to a place of happiness. Even if only a small part of the viewer's soul is stirred by the work, or if the message reaches the farthest corners of their being, it can still be considered a meaningful and successful creation, rather than a waste of time and resources.”

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  • Donetsk State University of Artificial Intelligence (Ukraine)| Sep 2007 - Jun 2012 
    Department of Philosophy and Religious Studies 
  • Donbas National Academy of Civil Engineering and Architecture (Ukraine)| Sep 2000 - Jun 2007
    Architectural Designing Department

  • Kherson State University (Ukraine)| Sep 1999 - Jun 2000
    Faculty of Culture and Arts

  • “Colors of joy”, Sept. 2015, Yerevan, Armenia (group)
  • “Portraits of Women”, Mar. 2016, Yerevan, Armenia (individual)
  • “Faces of India”, Jan. 2018, Yerevan, Armenia (individual)
  • “Diversity Art”, Sept. 2019, Yerevan, Armenia (group)
  • “Female empowerment”, Oct. 2019, Yerevan, Armenia (group)
  • “Magical Asia”, Dec. 2019, Yerevan, Armenia (individual)
  • “People of India”, Jan. 2020, Yerevan, Armenia (individual)
  • “In Ukraine”, Jun. 2022, Ljubljana, Slovenia (group)
  • “Express Yourself”, Jun. 2023, Opulent Art Gallery, London, UK (online, group)
  • “Primary Colors” Exhibition, Aug. 2023, Light Space & Time Online Art Gallery, Santa Fe, New Mexico (online, group)
  • “Volunteers in the battle for life and freedom”, Aug. 2023, Ljubljana, Slovenia (group)
  • “Fifth Season”, Apr. 2024, Yerevan, Armenia (group)
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