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Archetypal images always greatly influence us and resonate in our consciousness. They leave the bright emotions and are the key to the source of the deep hidden life force within us. Therefore, contemplation of such images can be a catalyst for releasing the energy and will to live.

Vitality Mistress with background.jpg

The woman with open palms raised upwards is a symbol of the always-giving Goddess-Mother, she gives the world her heart, which is connected to the whole universe and nourishes it. In her palm is the golden fruit of eternal life, and from her cut hand sprout new shoots, as a symbol of new rebirth.

Vitality Mistress (full)_edited.jpg
Vitality Mistress (fragment with feathers).jpg
Vitality Mistress (fragment with lizards).jpg

The image of the half-woman half-snake is something eternally moving, very ancient and viable, and always able to adapt, survive, and rebirth. She is eternally fertilizing and eternally giving birth, she is the very essence of life. From her bosom sprouts the Tree of Life and its branches go into the ground, while its roots embrace her powerful hips.

Vitality Mistress (bottom part).jpg
Vitality Mistress (fragment The symbol Yin).jpg

This image of the birthing and nourishing feminine nature has boldly upturned lactating breasts with milk oozing from them. She gives and receives, she is always involved in the cycle of birth and death, she holds fertility, and makes sure that life is never interrupted.

Vitality Mistress (fragment with hand).jpg
Vitality Mistress (fragment with full breasts).jpg

The red bull is a symbol of masculine energy, aggression, testosterone, and conquering nature. But he is also the spawn of this great birthing feminine force, he too is embodied from her depths.

Vitality Mistress (fragment with the Red Bull).jpg

Everything begins with her and everything returns to her, she is the Vitality Mistress.

Vitality Mistress (framed).jpg
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