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The key to a peaceful future lies in unity, embracing and respecting all forms of life. Without this understanding, advancements lead to destruction fueled by greed and ignorance. Our world is divided by wars and the desire to impose beliefs. To envision a future free from divisions, we must acknowledge the interconnectedness of all life, embracing it without narrow-minded ideologies. This artwork embodies liberation and unity.

Full front.jpg


In this fragment, three figures of distinct races gracefully merge into a harmonious unity. These bright female images symbolize the intricate tapestry of humanity, each emanating a radiant halo above their heads. The halos serve as a profound and stirring reminder that every life is sacred, transcending the boundaries of our differences.
The central woman, adorned with ebony skin and graceful features, embodies the indomitable strength and resilience of the offspring of the African continent. Her halo illuminates her rich cultural heritage of people from Africa, resonating with their wisdom passed down through generations. She embodies the spirit of endurance and joyfully celebrates the vibrant cultures that have flourished across her ancestral lands.
On the left, stands a woman with a golden complexion, embodying the warmth and diversity found in Asia. Her eyes, delicately shaped like arrows, reflect centuries of profound innovation and spiritual enlightenment. Her halo shines brilliantly, encapsulating the profound wisdom and ancient traditions that have guided her people's journey through time.
On the right side of this mesmerizing trio, a woman with fair skin represents the diverse space of Europe. Her features beautifully reflect the interconnectedness of countless cultures that have been woven together across the continent. Her halo radiates a gentle glow, symbolizing the enduring legacy of art, literature, and philosophy that have flourished within these lands.
As these three extraordinary women intertwine at their base, their roots merge seamlessly, transcending the boundaries of race and ethnicity. Their unity signifies the interconnectedness of all human beings, bound by a shared humanity and a collective responsibility to honor and protect each other's lives.
This trinity image serves as an exquisite reminder that beneath our superficial differences lies a common red thread that unites us all. It calls upon us to wholeheartedly embrace diversity and celebrate our unique identities.

Triniti (horizontal).jpg


The central figure represents the transition into maturity, symbolized by the fusion of two torsos and one pair of legs. This image captures the profound wisdom and deep understanding that comes with age. Youthfulness gradually leans towards the earth and adulthood straightens its back, it embraces a period of introspection and enlightenment.
The firmly rooted feet signify the foundation upon which this new phase of life is built. Great wings serve as a reminder of the passions, crazy gestures, fire, faith, mistakes, and incredible energy that define youth. From these experiences, the strength and wisdom of maturity emerge, allowing one to shed prejudices, unnecessary patterns, and trivialities that hinder a broad and free perception of life.
This mature figure stands in a dance pose, symbolizing the fluidity and grace with which she navigates her existence. With a fingertip delicately supporting the red thread of life, she metaphorically plays it like a string instrument. Along this thread, she releases all that no longer serves her freedom, allowing it to flutter away in the wind.
She has gained autonomy over her life and is now the director and conductor of her destiny. She can choose to embrace cultural restrictions if they align with her desires, but she also possesses the power to remove them when they become constricting. Her soul has reached a state of maturity where she can discern what truly matters and shape her life accordingly.
This artwork invites us to contemplate the transformative power of maturity and the liberation it brings. It encourages us to embrace our unique journeys, shedding societal expectations and embracing our true selves. Through this understanding, we can cultivate a world where personal freedom and respect for individual paths are cherished values.

New state.jpg


The blue women's cloak burka serves as a powerful symbol of the enslavement of female nature and, by extension, life itself. As the cloak drapes over the female form, it represents the societal constraints and limitations imposed upon women. It is a reminder of the patriarchal structures that seek to control and suppress the innate power and potential of women.
Embroidered on the canvas on the sides of the cloak-burka are symbols of the tree of life, intricately woven by women. These symbols represent the inherent strength, resilience, and fertility of women. Like trees, women are unique and diverse, each bearing their fruits and gifts to contribute to the world. The tree of life, with its roots firmly planted in the earth, signifies the connection between women and their ancestral heritage, their roots stretching back through generations.
The image of the whimsical flowers on the long canvases also alludes to the importance enough of light for growth. Just as a tree needs sunlight to thrive and bloom, a woman requires freedom and empowerment to fully express her true self and reach her potential. The symbols of the Tree of Life embroidered on the canvas serve as a reminder that when women are given the necessary support and opportunities, they can flourish and bring forth abundance in all aspects of life.
This symbolism invites us to reflect on the significance of empowering women and recognizing their inherent worth. It calls for breaking free from the chains of societal expectations and allowing women to embrace their unique identities and talents. By valuing and respecting women as the source of life, we can create a world where their light is not dimmed, but rather celebrated, allowing for the blossoming of a more equitable and harmonious society.



The image of the red-haired girl in the lower right corner of the artwork serves as a representation of the soul itself. Her inner concentration suggests a detachment from our mundane reality as if she exists in dimensions beyond our ordinary perception. Her untamed and flowing hair symbolizes freedom and weightlessness, serving as a metaphor for the roots of our very being, the essence of our soul. The human soul, when left untouched by the limitations of ego, fear, hatred, and greed, is inherently beautiful and free. It possesses a unique and captivating nature that constantly intrigues and captivates us, even with the stamp of the confines of cultural influences that shape every individual.
The image of the soul holding a cigarette serves as a powerful symbol of defiance and rebellion against the societal and cultural stereotypes that often stifle the potential of young souls. It represents a rejection of the narrow-minded restrictions imposed by an ignorant society. From this rebellion and the search for alternative perspectives on life emerges a metaphorical red thread, embodying the essence of liberation from prejudice, limitations, and divisions. This red thread unites all aspects of existence within our world. A pure soul perceives the world holistically and profoundly, relying not on physical eyes but on an intuitive understanding that stems from the very core of life itself.
In essence, this artwork invites us to delve into a deeper philosophical and empathic contemplation. It compels us to recognize the significance of empowering individuals and acknowledging their inherent worth. By embracing and celebrating each person's unique identity and talents, we can foster a society that values and respects the soul of every individual. In doing so, we contribute to the creation of a more equitable and harmonious world, where the light of every soul shines brightly and unhindered.

Soul and burka.jpg
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